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Zika epidemic to flaw as Dengue due to few parallel symptoms

Publicado em 02 setembro 2016

A study made by FAPESP and composed by a team of medical researchers at the São José do Rio Preto Medical School (FAMERP) in São Paulo State, Brazil, published a new report which states that Zika infection has many similarities with the symptoms of Dengue, and official statistics might have assumed Zika Epidemic as Dengue in some cases. A few instances of Zika also are found which are reported as dengue, the report also claimed.

‘Zika epidemic’ – a newly discovered virus is reported to be more harmful than scientists think it to be. In Brazil, some cases of Zika epidemic are fund to be mistaken as cases of Dengue, as it delivers pretty similar symptoms to Dengue. A group of researchers from the Sao Jose does Rio Preto Medical School (FAMERP) in Brazil has carried out a molecular blood tests camp which involved 800 people who were suffered from dengue between January and August 2016. And in this test, around 10% of the total blood samples are found to have Zika Epidemic virus, which is said to be more severe than of Dengue.

In the medical research camp, the blood sample of 80 patients was collected and sent for serological tests and based on their clinical symptoms, only 400 of them are found to have Dengue virus in their blood. Apart from these 400, 100 people are reported to contain Zika virus and another germ that grounds the fever of Chikungunya. However, the rest 300 samples are found to have no virus from all these three categories and the scientists are suspected them to have the virus of other flues.

Mauricio Lacerda Nogueira, the group leader of this study, said that these Results suggest the dissection typically made between side effects – associating conjunctivitis with Zika and joint agony with chikungunya, for instance – is just for classroom use. In practice, the side effects can’t be isolated that way.