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Weekly News Roundup: Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA)

Publicado em 25 outubro 2011

Boeing (NYSE:BA) has again hit the headlines with a milestone delivery

Biman Bangladesh received the milestone aircraft, and according to Boeing (NYSE:BA) the total 777-300ER orders stand at 543 from 37 customers and five are in service with Virgin Australia’s V Australia long haul arm.

Larry Loftis, 777 vice president and general manager,said that, “Introduced into service in 2005, the 777-300ER is the best seller for a reason.It is distinguished by its fuel efficiency, award winning cabin interior, range – it can fly point to point bypassing crowded hub airports – and its commonality with the Boeing (NYSE:BA) 767 and 787″.

Boeing (NYSE:BA) has opened a new Cyber Engagement Center in Maryland

Boeing (NYSE:BA) announced that it has opened a new Cyber Engagement Center (CEC) at Annapolis Junction.

The 32,000-square foot facility is expected to offer secure meeting areas as well as dynamic data analysis, information sharing, traffic intelligence, analytics and other capabilities for commercial and defense customers.

It will provide a collaborative environment where security experts work together to address current and evolving cyber security challenges.

John Hinshaw, Vice-President and General Manager, Boeing Information Solutions, “The risks to industry and government cyber security grow every second of every day. We’ve established this center to work collaboratively with our customers to help defend their critical infrastructure — as well as our own”.

Boeing (NYSE:BA) has teamed up with the Sao Paulo State Scientific Research Federation (Fapesp)

Boeing (NYSE:BA) has announced that it has joined forces with the Sao Paulo State Scientific Research Federation (Fapesp) to develop ways and means to expand the use of biofuels for jet engines.

According to the deal, Boeing (NYSE:BA) along with its Brazilian counterpart Embraer, will help to construct a research centre in Brazil that will study the infrastructure, transport and global marketing of bio-kerosene.

Shep Hill, Boeing (NYSE:BA) International chief executive, said that, “This is not just a gesture. This is a serious investigation in what bio-fuels will be viable for this industry going forward. Boeing (NYSE:BA) chose Brazil because of its strengths in biomass and this type of fuel stock. However Boeing (NYSE:BA) was also involved in algae-based biofuel research in the Middle East and in jatropha-based research in Asia”.