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University of São Paulo faculty member discusses climate change in Amazonia

Publicado em 22 setembro 2017

Por Tori McGee

As part of the 2017 Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) Week, a lecture on the changing climate in the Amazon rain forest was presented by a professor from the University of Sao Paulo, located in Sao Paulo.

Paulo Artaxo, a professor in the Physics Institute at the University of Sao Paulo, gave a presentation on climate change in Amazonia and how it is affecting Brazil and its surrounding countries.

Naturally, the Amazon rain forest interacts strongly with the climate, Artaxo said, and the dry season length is increasing.

Some causes of this changing climate are greenhouse gases and the burning of fossil fuels, he said, and it has caused damage to the vegetation.

Deforestation has increased and new policies have been put in place to bring the dry season down, Artaxo said.

This session was one of many lectures and workshops that occurred during FAPESP week. It was hosted at the Texas Tech International Cultural Center on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 21-22.