Science Business (Bélgica)

UK and Brazil strengthen research links

Publicado em 17 setembro 2009

Research Councils UK (RCUK) and FAPESP, the Research Council for the State of São Paulo, have signed an agreement to strengthen research links between the UK and Brazil, allowing researchers from the two countries to apply for funding through a single application and peer review process, thus removing some of the barriers facing international research collaboration.

Ian Diamond, Chair of RCUK, said the agreement is an indication of the direction international collaboration is taking within the UK’s research councils. “RCUK is dedicated to promoting the collaboration of best with best, and this agreement demonstrates our commitment to widening opportunities for researchers, so that world-class researchers can work together on excellent research.”

Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Scientific Director of FAPESP, said fostering international collaboration is an important part of FAPESP’s strategy. “The cooperation agreement signed with RCUK opens exciting possibilities for researchers in São Paul and the UK to collaborate in an effective manner. The agreement covers all fields of science and we are looking forward to receive outstanding proposals, dealing with fundamental and applied research.”