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Tree lifespan decline in forests could neutralize part of rise in net carbon uptake

Publicado em 08 dezembro 2020, December 3, 2020: 

Accelerating tree growth in recent years has been accompanied by a reduction in tree lifespan, which could eventually neutralize part of the increase in net uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2). This trade-off between tree growth and life expectancy applies to forests worldwide, including in the Amazon and other tropical regions, as well as temperate regions and the Arctic. Models and projections of future forest carbon uptake based on the existing system may therefore overestimate the capacity of forests to absorb greenhouse gases over time. In other words, while tree planting is important to help reduce levels of these gases in the atmosphere, it is not sufficient. Efforts to reduce carbon emissions remain essential. These are the key points discussed in an article published in Nature Communications. It reports the findings of a study conducted by a cross-border group of researchers, including Gregório Ceccantini and Giuliano Locosselli, researchers at the University of Paulo’s Institute of Biosciences (IB-USP) in Brazil. Both are supported by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation)…