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Toothpaste seldom protects dental erosion or hypersensitivity

Publicado em 14 março 2018

Toothpaste seldom protects dental erosion or hypersensitivity as disclosure of more and more toothpastes on the market that profess to cure these problems. While there was an absence of such kind of toothpastes 20 years ago, today there are plenty of brands with varied features are being offered.

But a study carried out at the University of Bern in Switzerland with the participation of a researcher supported by a scholarship from the São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP portrayed that not a single one of the nine analyzed toothpaste was competent of diminishing enamel surface loss a main feature in tooth erosion and dentin hypersensitivity.

Samira Helena João-Souza, a PhD scholar at the University of São Paulo’s School of Dentistry (FO-USP) in Brazil said that research has portrayed that dentin must be revealed with open tubules for the existence of hypersensitivity, and erosion is one of the reasons for of dentin exposure. That is the reason why we have included toothpastes that profess to be anti-erosive or desensitizing.

According to an article published recently all of the assessed toothpastes had varied numbers of enamel surface loss and they did not provide any defense against enamel erosion and abrasion. The author of the study emphasized that these toothpastes that operate a function but utilized as accompaniment not as a therapy stringently speaking. According to João-Souza, there should be three factors: treatment recommended by a dentist, use of suitable toothpaste, and an alteration in lifestyle, especially diet.