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Toothpaste alone doesn’t prevent erosion or sensitivity, study finds

Publicado em 15 março 2018

A study of nine different toothpastes revealed none of them proved effective in protecting tooth enamel, preventing erosion or symptoms of hypersensitivity.

“Research has shown that dentin [the component of teeth] must be exposed with open tubules in order for there to be hypersensitivity, and erosion is one of the causes of dentin exposure,” said Samira Helena Joao-Souza, the study’s co-author. “This is why, in our study, we analysed toothpastes that claim to be anti-erosive and/or desensitising.”

Worryingly, the study found that each toothpaste actually caused a certain amount of surface enamel loss and that none of them were able to protect against erosion.

According to the study, dental erosion is a loss of hard tissue caused by acid and when it is associated with a mechanical action, like brushing, it leads to erosion. Ever felt discomfort when you eat or drink something cold, hot or sweet? That’s dental erosion.

“They [patients] come to the clinic with the complaint that they have cavities, but actually, the problem is caused by dentin exposure due to improper brushing with a very abrasive toothpaste, for example, combined with frequent consumption of large amounts of acidic foods and beverages.”

The worst offenders

Toothpaste – Approximate enamel surface loss after five brushes (mm)

Blend-a-Med Pro Expert ­– 0.004

Regenerate – 0.0035

Candida Protect Professional – 0.0029

Sensodyne Rapid Relief – 0.0027

Elmex Sensitive Professional – 0.0024

The solution

Don’t rely on just toothpaste. Brushing your teeth should be used a part of an oral care regimen.

Flossing, mouthwash and, most importantly, a balanced diet that excludes acidic and rich foods, is your best way to keep teeth health and erosion at bay

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