They propose mixing the AstraZeneca and Sputnik V vaccines for this reason

Publicado em 27 novembro 2020

In this way, the effectiveness of the British formula could be enhanced to a level similar to that presumed by the Russians

It should be noted that many health experts have doubted the real effectiveness of the Russian formula, due to the lack of transparency

The news that the Astra Zeneca and Oxford University formula was 70 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 was bittersweet for many. In part, it is a sufficient proportion to reduce the impact of the pandemic, at a very affordable price and complexity of mass production. On the other hand, it seems little compared to the successes of Moderna and Pfizer, whose vaccines reached more than 90 percent. But the experts behind Sputnik V have a solution.

According to ., the team of scientists that developed the Russian solution proposed to the AstraZeneca team to mix the vaccines to enhance the effectiveness of the Oxford formula. It must be remembered that the scientists behind Sputnik V have ensured that their solution is up to 92 percent effective in protecting against COVID-19. Thus, they believe that a combination of the two drugs could prove to be quite effective if future clinical trials are done.

The scientists behind Sputnik V suggested that this vaccine mix could be very attractive for recurrent vaccination campaigns against COVID-19. Although it is not yet clear, many scientists believe that the disease, like others caused by coronaviruses, does not generate permanent immunity. This would mean that people should receive immunization drugs on a regular basis for continued protection against the virus.

Could we talk about super-vaccines against COVID-19?

While the results from Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, and other pharmaceutical companies have captured reflections, they are not the only vaccines in development. In data from the New York Times, there are at least 55 formulas that are being analyzed around the world, already with human tests. Another 87 are still conducting pre-clinical testing using animals. And it is very likely that even more promising projects will emerge in the coming months (and even years).

Related Notes

Beyond the fact that the research for COVID-19 vaccines is far from over, what can be concluded from the Sputnik V team’s proposal? Would it be appropriate to speak of a “super-formula” to combat this virus? The reality is that combining multiple drugs is common practice. Several studies show that having a single dose that delivers multiple formulas is a very effective strategy for getting people immunized.

But, in the specific case of COVID-19, one could speak of a super-vaccine for people to fight the pandemic. According to the FAPESP Agency, many health experts believe that combining several vaccines could, at the very least, extend the protection of the immune system to the virus. And according to Bloomberg, the same University of Oxford theorizes that there should be no risk when combining several treatments, in case one is not so useful.

Other unusual projects to combat the virus

In addition to combining vaccines, many agents continue to come up with curious ideas to give the public more weapons and defenses against the virus. Since March, Xiaomi-style technologies had taken the opportunity to launch technological devices to protect users. Among them, an electronic mask to replace basic fabric products. The idea was to provide an active air filtration and purification system for users.

Other companies continue to place their strongest bet on the distribution of vaccines. Ford, for example, decided to purchase several ultra-cold refrigerators. This move is a preparation for Pfizer and Moderna formulas, which must be kept at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius to remain effective. So these kits would help you store doses for all those collaborators who want to be immunized.

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