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The union of aerobic and muscular exercise reduces cancer mortality

Publicado em 15 agosto 2021

That physical exercise is healthy for our body is more than known. Well, thanks to recent studies carried out by the Research Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo (Brazil), it has been shown that doing muscle-strengthening exercise together with aerobic activities can reduce cancer mortality.

Some of the bodybuilding exercises that are beneficial in this regard are squats, rows, exercises with weights and planks, among many others. This set of activities helps reduce cancer mortality by 14%, but also, if combined with aerobic exercises, mortality can be reduced by 28%.

“In our study, we found evidence that muscle strength training can not only reduce cancer incidence and mortality, but has an even better effect when associated with aerobic activities such as walking, running, swimming, and riding. bicycle “, explained the author of this study, Leandro Rezende, professor at the Department of Preventive Medicine of the School of Medicine of the Federal University of São Paulo.

More data from the study

Previously, there was already data on the role played by physical activity in reducing the risk of breast, endometrial, stomach, throat, kidney and bladder cancer. Now, with the new data obtained from the study, it has been found that muscle strengthening exercises can reduce the risk of kidney cancer by 26%.

The study found no significant correlations between muscle strengthening exercises and tumors in the colon, prostate, lung, pancreas, bladder, esophagus, and rectum, or melanoma, lymphoma, leukemia, and cancers of the digestive system.

Get regular exercise

This study has yielded more data confirming the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations regarding regular aerobic exercise.

For adults:

  • 150-300 minutes of moderately intense exercise.
  • 75-150 minutes of vigorous exercise.
  • Strengthening exercises 2 times a week. !

Rezende, the author of the study, has conducted extensive research based on census data and public health surveys. The aim was to find links between exercise, diet and reducing the incidence of chronic diseases, especially cancer. Another important detail was to know the impact of public policies to promote healthy eating habits and physical activity to combat disease and reduce health spending.

“Four years ago, we conducted a study that associated strength training with a lower risk of cancer. In the meantime, other studies were published, and we thought it would be interesting to conduct a systematic review of this literature to assess all the evidence on this relationship. However, we went further and demonstrated that the benefits of muscle strengthening exercises in reducing cancer incidence and mortality can be extended when combined with aerobic exercise “, Rezende remarks. Their perception was that the studies only focused on aerobic activities, while muscle-strengthening exercises lagged behind. With this study, it is clear that unity is strength.