The Gama variant is more aggressive, but can be counted on vaccines

Publicado em 06 agosto 2021

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To correlate data from genomic sequencing and epidemiological analyzes in the case of São José do Rio Preto (SP), investigators will then demonstrate the impact of prevalence of variant P.1 (high-denominated Gama) in cases of death and death by covid-19. The highest transmission capacity of these heads was associated with the express increase of serious cases (127%) and deaths (162%) in March and April of 2021, no municipal interior.

The study, published on the MedRxiv platform as a revision of pairs, results in the importance of vaccination for population growth or efficacy in the 15-day lockdown, designed for market use, to prevent virus dissemination.

“I hope so, but we are clear about a clear explanation for what we live for. Our study confirms that vaccines are protected by death by covid-1

9 and a lockdown function to reduce virus circulation. Fora isso, conseguimos demonstrar que a P1 é, de fato, una variante mais aggressive, algo que ainda não stava tão claré entre a científade scientífica ”, diz Maurício Lacerda Nogueira, professor da Faculdade de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto (Famerp) .

The study was conducted at the Famerp Pathology Laboratory of Virology at the Base Pret (HB) Hospital in Rio Preto, in the parish with the Paulista Estadual University (Unesp), the University of São Paulo (USP), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the University of Washington, University of Texas Medical Branch and Saudia Municipal Secretariat of São José do Rio Preto. The television group supports the FAPESP (Foundation of Pisces in the State of São Paulo), the Rede Corona-ômica (mantida pelo Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inocações por meio da Financiadora de Estudos e Projetoso do Instituto Tecn) Butane and National Institutes of Health, dos Estados Unidos.

According to the study, the SARS-CoV-2 genomic vigilance in Rio Preto and the region will be carried out from the 2020s. The 12 lineages are identified as the most prevalent for P.1 (72.4%), P.2 (11%), B.1.1.28 (5.6%) and N.9 (4.6%).

O baile das variants

Variants that are mutant of virus and, while in major major present epidemiological behavior similar to the ancestral cepa, some of them are predisposed to be potentially more transmissive or even more lethal. Linhagem P.1 (Gama) surgiu no early November 2020, fra Manaus (AM), and is rapidly splitting up for other Brazilian states, mainly in the Sudeste region.

In December 2020, variant B.1.1.7 (Alpha) was first detected in the United Kingdom. Attribution to this is a transmission increased between 30% and 50% or pregnancy in cases is 30% superior.

In South Africa, it was first detected in variant B.1.351 (Beta), associated with an increase in the risk of transmission and reduction of viral neutralization by therapy with monoclonal antibodies, convalescent drugs and post-vaccination drugs.

Most recently the Delta variant, detected first in India, was split worldwide, possibly impacting recent highs of cases in Europe, United States and China.

Gamma variant, a case study

Nogueira explains that, from the beginning of last year, the city of São José do Rio Preto passed through two large cases of deaths: one in December 2020 and another in February of 2121, when the events of the explosion took place.

“In agreement with the analysis, in the passage of the year, various variants of the coronavirus were circulating. In December, as of now, I have the prediction of P2 [detectada pela primeira vez no Rio de Janeiro], which can result in a high number of cases, but no increase in pregnancy by doing. It will not be until January 26, 2021 that we will detect the first case of P1 in the municipality and, since then, this will be dominant. It is a period, from March, that a 100% increase in the number of grave and dead cases will occur, ”reveals Nogueira.

The reviewer explains that it is not possible to confirm that P2 has a responsive increase in cases since Thursday 2020. This is because the period of the festivities also coincides with a greater circulation of people throughout the country and, consequently.

Yes in the case of P1 (Gama), in agreement with the investigator, this correlation can be tested, or it can be a big discussion in the scientific community to know if it is actually more aggressive and responsive to a higher mortality rate.

“The studies carried out in Manaus indicate the death of a very large number of people and, in January, the total collapse of the Saudi system, folding oxygen, killing people without breathing and even babies and incubators. [que não necessariamente tinham covid-19] will be transferred to receive treatment in other States. However, in addition to this, there is a series of other factors that are known to affect a humanitarian crisis, ”he said.

The situation of São José do Rio Preto in March was different from Manaus in January of 2021. The 400-mile convoy of inhabitants has a more robust sound system and a no-stop lockdown for transmission of variant P1. “In Rio Preto, there is no collapse of the Saudi system, no lack of oxygen. If you have a hard time keeping track of it, we will have over 300 people in UTIs [unidades de terapia intensiva], mas sem atingir a lotação maxim. We have one or two days with 100% occupancy of beds. Even with this better scenario, the mortality rate is higher than the two previous ones. This is because P1 is one of the most aggressive variants ”, avalia.

Vacinas salvam vidas

Another important factor is that the period of high contagiosity of P1 in the paulista city coincides with the vaccination of the idos. “When P1 was disseminated almost 100% of the 70-year-olds were evacuated, in major cases with CoronaVac. According to the study, vaccines correspond to between 60% and 70% of deaths compared to severe cases in this vaccinated population, which is an excellent news, ”he said.

In agreement with Nogueira, the continuous genomics vigilance studies. The team will investigate as soon as possible what has happened (before the introduction of the new variants), which will monitor the closest months of the pandemic. We will continue to make these analyzes and correlations simultaneously. We did not detect the Delta variant on the ammunition, but it is credited that it is a matter of time. The study will allow us to accompany the impact of the proven competition between Delta and Gamma ”, prev.

As a result, the Gamma variant in England and our United States, in Europe, does not currently have an agreement with it. “The Gama has no direct deformation competition with Delta. It is possible to be present here in Brazil, as most of us are studying in Rio de Janeiro, while Delta prevalence is advancing, ”he said.

O artigo Effects of the introduction of SARS-CoV-2 P.1 and the effect of covid-19 vaccination on the epidemiological landscape in São José Do Rio Preto, Brazil can be found at 28.21261228 v1.

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