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Surface Engineering to be discussed in a workshop during ABM Annual Congress

Publicado em 26 junho 2014

São Paulo city will host the 1st Workshop on Surface Treatment of Corrosion Resistant Alloys as one of the events to be held during the 69th ABM (Brazilian Metallurgy, Materials and Mining Association) International Annual Congress from 21st to 25th July. This Workshop is the outcome of a Fapesp's project to develop plasma-based surface treatment technologies in a cooperation between USP Polytechnic School's (Epusp) and University of Birmingham's (England) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering departments.


According to the event coordinators Eduardo Pinedo, Ph.D. and chief technical officer with Heat Tech - Tecnologia em Tratamento Térmico e Engenharia de Superfícies, and André Paulo Tschiptschin, full professor of Epusp's Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department and coordinator of Tribes - Surface Engineering and Tribology Research Group, this matter has grown in importance as a means of changing the surface structure of traditional components and, as a consequence, their properties, aiming at improving their performance and considerably extending their lives.


"The papers that will be presented during the Workshop are truly innovative, as the stainless steel surface hardening technology is still going through its early stages of introduction in the industry", Pinedo explains. According to André Paulo, the participants will be given an excellent opportunity to learn about the new technologies available to enhance the performance of corrosion resistant alloys through microstructural changes in their surface. "Important research results achieved by both Brazilian and international experts will be presented and discussed during the event", he adds.


Professor Hanshan Dong and Dr. Xiaoying Li, both from the University of Birmingham, will be highlights in the Workshop. Moreover, other renowned researchers will participate too, including Clodomiro Alves from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and Ana Sofia Clímaco Monteiro de Oliveira from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR). There will be also several technical presentations (speeches and posters) of high technological and academic level.


In addition, the Workshop coordinators will disclose the main results of joint researches carried out under the Cooperation Project financed by Fapesp to study the use of diffusion surface treatments of stainless alloys through plasma techniques.


The event is intended for the steel industry's professionals and a broader audience from manufacturing industries, such as: oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper & pulp, biomaterials, cutlery, tool making, automotive and aeronautic.


Special anniversary program - In addition to the

1st Workshop on Surface Treatment, the

69th Annual Congress - which is an integral part of the celebrations of AMB's 70th anniversary - will promote the

Pan American Materials Conference, the

1st Brazilian-German Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering, and the

14th Enemet - National Meeting of Mining, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Students.