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Scientists Print Functional Human “Mini-Livers”

Publicado em 22 dezembro 2019

Por Brent Ellman

A team of Brazilian researchers have succesfully bioprinted tiny organoids that perform all of the human liver’s functions, Brazilian news service Agência FAPESP reports — functions including building proteins, storing vitamins and secreting bile.

The researchers had to cultivate and reprogram human stem cells, and then 3D print them in layers to form tissue.

Mini-livers - Functions - Liver - Cry - Liver While the “mini-livers” perform the functions of a liver, they’re unfortunately still a far cry from an actual full-scale liver.

“More stages have yet to be achieved until we obtain a complete organ, but we’re on the right track to highly promising results,” Mayana Zatz, one of the authors of the paper published in the journal Biofabrication, told Agência FAPESP.

Livers - Reliance - Supply - Donor - Organs Not only could printed livers end a reliance on a very short supply of donor organs, they might end up being safer as well.

“Another important advantage is zero probability of rejection, given that the...

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