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Scientists assess the impact of soccer player preparation and recovery on kick performance

Publicado em 17 março 2021

Brazilian researchers have found that while some warm-up strategies, such as dynamic stretching, can effectively prepare footballers to maintain kick accuracy, strenuous exercise is when kicked. Published a systematic review of the scientific literature showing that it adversely affects the speed of the ball. Ingesting carbohydrate drinks during the match allows players to maintain proper kick performance at the last moment of long exercise, such as the playoffs of sudden death.

A review published in the journal Sports Medicine in December 2020 analyzed 52 studies, 10 examining the acute effects of warm-up exercise, 34 examining the overall effects of physical training, and 21 being recovery-related. I investigated the strategy.

Skilled kicks are essential in soccer, especially to score goals. For example, the top three clubs in Round 30 of the 2020 Brazil Championship have scored 162, 132 and 169 shots, respectively, and 50, 48 and 51 goals in previous matches.

Individual player characteristics such as maturity, skill level, and gender can affect performance, but training and recovery interventions can also help with better results.

The literature review is part of a PhD study conducted by Luis Enrique Palucci Vieira with the support of FAPESP at the Institute for Human Movement (MOVI-LAB) of the Faculty of Science (FC-UNESP) of the State of São Paulo in Bauru. did.

Dr. Vieira’s dissertation advisors are Fabio Augusto Barbieri, who leads MOVI-LAB, and Paulo Santiago, who also participated in the review. Vieira is conducting research at the Ribeirao Preto Physics Education and Sports School (EEFERP-USP) at the University of São Paulo with the support of FAPESP through projects 2019 / 22262-3 and 2019 / 17729-0.

According to review Vieira and his co-authors, kick speed is adversely affected by strenuous exercise protocols such as intermittent endurance sprints and gradual fatigue, but passive rest during half-time breaks It does not affect the kick speed. Kick accuracy and ball speed can be improved by warm-up routines that include dynamic stretching, but carb beverage intake helps maintain ball speed after prolonged exercise.

The authors conclude that this review will be useful for future research and practical interventions to measure and optimize soccer kick performance, but further research is needed, especially involving young players.

The next step in the Vieira project will include experiments designed to assess the impact of preparation and recovery techniques on a player’s kick performance. Initially, researchers are analyzing the effects of individual characteristics such as sleep quality and brain (especially cortical) activity during a medium-range kick.

“This is an innovative study from an applicability perspective aimed at different types of information, methods and knowledge in neuromechanics to improve the performance of soccer players,” Barbieri told Agência FAPESP. .. “One example is the preparation of a kick and the monitoring of brain activity during execution. Few studies have done this anywhere in the world.”

The second part of the project includes post-activation enhancement (PAP) and cold water immersion testing. Both are widely used by soccer trainers to explore how they affect the kinematics and performance of young players.

Kicking under the age of 17 at a club inside the state of São Paulo was shot using slow-motion cameras in 2019 and 2020, analyzing leg movements, ball speed, and kick accuracy. “This year, we will look for factors that influence the kick, complete the analysis of the data collected, and continue our research to publish the paper,” said Vieira.

He said scholars have little access to Brazilian professional football clubs due to research and science partnerships. Scientific journals in this area tend to publish only practical treatises, so more open collaboration is needed to improve the performance of science and players.


To reach the research universe used in the review, researchers systematize specific keywords and descriptors for articles indexed by July 2020 by PubMed, Web of Science, SPORTDiscus, Scopus, and ProQuest. I searched for it. As a result of the search, 10,780 studies were conducted. After removing duplicates and studies that were not directly related to sports performance, 52 studies were left that were considered suitable for systematic review. A total of 947 players were evaluated in these studies, all male. According to Vieira, little scientific research has been done on female athletes. “This is also one of our priorities,” he said.

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Luiz H. Palucci Vieira et al, Acute Effects of Warm-up, Exercise, and Recovery-Related Strategies on Evaluation of Soccer Kick Performance: Critical and Systematic Review, Sports medicine (2020). DOI: 10.1007 / s40279-020-01391-9

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Scientists assess the impact of soccer player preparation and recovery on kick performance

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