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Scientist produces an ultra-simple economical method to make fiber optics

Publicado em 10 setembro 2020

An unique procedure to produce unique optical fiber that is far easier, quicker and less expensive than the traditional method has been established by Cristiano Cordeiro, a researcher and teacher at the University of Campinas’s Physics Institute( IFGW-Unicamp) in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Cordeiro created the development during a research internship at the University of Adelaide in Australia, supported by a scholarship from São Paulo Research Structure– FAPESP and by a partnership with his host, Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem. An article signed by them and a third collaborator is published in Scientific Reports

” The traditional process requires extremely big and pricey machinery and takes almost a week. It will allow many more scientists and labs to produce their own optical fiber,” Cordeiro told.

The treatment approximately resembles the extrusion approach utilized to produce pasta: pressure is brought to bear on a ductile product so as to require it through a die, producing fiber with the appropriate inner structure. “Of course, this is all finished with a lot more rigor and precision,” Cordeiro said.

Hundreds of countless kilometers of optical fiber are set up worldwide, and the quantity of data they transport doubles approximately every two years. They are used not only in telecoms but also for remote noticing to keep an eye on temperature, mechanical tension, hydrostatic pressure, or fluid flow, among many other parameters.

Thanks to their strength and thinness they are effective in hostile environments and hardly available locations.

These features help discuss the significance of innovative fabrication processes. “The standard process has numerous stages and needs extremely complicated devices, such as a fiber drawing tower,” Cordeiro stated. “Initially a preform is produced, a giant variation of the fiber with a size of in between 2 cm and 10 cm.

The treatment can be used to produce not just all-solid fiber, in which light is sent via a core with a higher refractive index however also microstructured fiber including a variety of longitudinal holes, which enhances optical homes control and brings a boost in functionality– including the chance to guide light with low energy loss in an air channel. To create the microstructures, the researchers used titanium passes away with ideal designs.

” To streamline the fabrication of special optical fiber, we released devices and techniques that are becoming more inexpensive and available thanks to the popularization of 3-D printing,” Cordeiro stated.

Owing to the fiber’s complex inner structure, the researchers produced the dies by additive manufacturing using appropriate 3-D printers. Specialist companies can provide additive manufacturing services, so the only item of devices need to produce the fiber is the horizontal extruder.

More details:
Cristiano M. B. Cordeiro et al, Ultra-simplified Single-Step Fabrication of Microstructured Fiber Optics, Scientific Reports(2020). DOI: 10.1038/ s41598-020-66632 -3

Scientist produces an ultra-simple economical technique to fabricate fiber optics (2020, September 10).
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