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“Schneider’s Marmoset”– New Monkey Species Discovered in Brazilian Amazon

Publicado em 23 agosto 2021

“Schneider’s marmoset” is discovered in the extremely threatened, however little-studied forests of Mato Grosso State.

group of researchers has actually found a brand-new marmoset types in the BrazilianAmazon Schneider’s marmoset (Mico schneideri), explained in the most recent problem of the journal Scientific Reports, is called after teacher Horacio Schneider, a leader and significant factor to the research study of variety and development of monkeys.

The discovery was made by a group of scientists led by Rodrigo Costa Ara újo, presently an associate scientist at Museu Paraense Em ílioGoeldi Ara újo was moneyed in part by the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP), a capacity-building collaboration in between WCS, BirdLife International and Fauna & & Flora International (FFI).

The Amazon marmosets of the genus Mico are amongst the more varied groups of monkeys and discovered just in the threatened forests of the “arc of deforestation,” an area that represents half of the international land usage modification in the past 30 years. Currently, there is no preservation reaction to deal with the losses of environment and population reduces such marmosets undergo, mostly due to the fact that they are badly studied.

The overall variety of Amazon marmoset types stays unidentified. In 2019 Ara újo and his group found the Munduruku marmoset (Mico munduruku) from another location within the arc of logging. M. schneideri was explained from marmosets understood to scientists given that 1995 however misidentified as M. emiliae

The research study keeps in mind the presence of 16 Mico types situated in the “arc of deforestation”– a substantial area in the southern Amazon where the greatest rates of land cleaning and fires are focused. Further research study is required to evaluate the preservation status of M. schneideri and to examine the southern part of its geographical circulation. Additionally, continuing to discover precisely the number of Amazon marmosets inhabit these forests will underpin the initial step towards saving this threatened group of monkeys.

Reference: “An integrative analysis uncovers a new, pseudo-cryptic species of Amazonian marmoset (Primates: Callitrichidae: Mico) from the arc of deforestation” by Rodrigo Costa-Ara újo, Jos é S. Silva-Jr, Jean P. Boubli, Rog ério V. Rossi, Gustavo R. Canale, Fabiano R. Melo, Fabr ício Bertuol, Felipe E. Silva, Diego A. Silva, Stephen D. Nash, Iracilda Sampaio, Izeni P. Farias and Tomas Hrbek, 2 August 2021, Scientific Reports

DOI: 10.1038/ s41598-021-93943- w

The research study was possible due to a scholarship offered by CNPq and financing offered by CAPES, FAPESP, FAPEMAT, Conservation Leadership Programme, Primate Action Fund Re: Wild, National Science Foundation, NERC and Idea Wild.