Research and Funding Opportunities (Reino Unido)

NERC Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund

Publicado em 02 fevereiro 2021

Por Catherine Frankland

The Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund enables UK researchers to develop new international partnerships and networks which underpin the development of long-term sustainable collaborations. Whilst some exploratory elements are expected, the proposal must include specific scientific objectives. Applicants should ensure the balance between partnership-building activities and direct research is appropriate, considering the key objectives of the call.

The proposed partnerships:

can be in any research area from across NERC’s remit must be with one or more international partners must have a new partner as the primary partnership, but can include other existing collaborations must have the potential to become self-sustaining after the grant period.

You and your organisation must be eligible for NERC funding and not hold another active Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund grant at the closing date for this grant.

This call will accept joint proposals with researchers from the State of São Paulo in Brazil under the terms of the UKRI-FAPESP Lead Agency Agreement, or researchers from Taiwan under the NERC-MOST MoU.