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Music Improves Function of Blood Pressure Medication

Publicado em 19 abril 2018

Scientists working at São Paulo State University, Juazeiro do Norte College, ABC Medical School in Brazil and Oxford Brookes University in the UK have shown that music improves the performance of anti-hypertensive medications. The study, published in Nature Scientific Reports, involved 37 patients with high blood pressure that normally responded well to drugs. They listed to music on some days and not others and their blood pressure and heart rate variability were measured at 20 minute intervals following treatment.

The results were that for at least an hour following listening to music, the heart rate was lower and blood pressure was in better control compared to the days when the patients didn’t listen to music.

Open access study in journal Scientific Reports: Musical auditory stimulus acutely influences heart rate dynamic responses to medication in subjects with well-controlled hypertension…


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