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Low-Calorie Diet May Improve Cell Performance

Publicado em 13 fevereiro 2019

Eating low-calorie food might have a protective impact versus some diseases as the variety of calories a person eats straight affects the performance of numerous cells, scientists state.

The research study on computer mice revealed that a low-calorie diet can shield the brain from neuronal cell death related to illness such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy as well as cerebral vascular accident (CVA).

“We are taking a look at how adjustments to the diet affect metabolic process and just how that ends up changing the probabilities of having illness connected with aging,” said co-author Alicia Kowaltowski, Teacher at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

For the study, presented at FAPESP Week London, happening on February 11-13, the study team divided computer mice into 2 teams.

They calculated the average variety of calories the group without any calorie constraints would certainly eat and after that fed the various other team 40 percent fewer calories.

After 14 weeks, computer mice belonging to both groups were given an injection having a substance understood to create seizures, damage as well as neuronal cell fatality.

The scientists located that while those in the group that had no dietary constraints had seizures, those whose calories were restricted did not.