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Glasses with Green Lenses Help Kids with Dyslexia to Read

Publicado em 22 outubro 2018

Researchers at the São Paulo State University in Brazil and Paris Diderot University in France have for the first time conclusively showed that green light filter can help children overcome symptoms of dyslexia. Specifically, nine and ten year-old children with dyslexia improved their reading time significantly when using green color glasses.

Green colored glasses have been used in the past for learning disabilities and even for addressing autism and ADHD. This latest study is the first to rigorously test green color glasses for dyslexia, and even comparing the effectiveness to using glasses with lenses of other colors, as well as against kids that are not diagnosed with dyslexia. The researchers showed that indeed, it is the green color that produces positive outcomes and that in kids without the condition it provides no benefit.

The researchers believe that the green color filter “most likely facilitated cortical activity and decreased visual distortions,” in sum letting kids focus on reading and improving their comprehension acuity.

Study in journal Research in Developmental DisabilitiesEffect of colored filters on reading capabilities in dyslexic children…

Via: São Paulo Research Foundation…

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