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Gas Innovation Center Partners with US Princeton and Queensland Universities in Australia

Publicado em 30 março 2020

Por T&B Petroleum/Press Office Fapesp

The Research Center for Gas Innovation (RCGI) signed two collaborations in the area of energy transition with institutions abroad, Princeton University, in the United States, and University of Queensland, in Australia.

RCGI is an Engineering Research Center (CPE) formed by FAPESP and Shell and installed at the Polytechnic School (Poli) of the University of São Paulo (USP).

The collaboration with Princeton University was approved in an announcement of the Institutional Program for Internationalization, a partnership between USP and the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes).

The second partnership, with the University of Queensland, was contemplated by FAPESP's São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration (SPRINT) Program.

The partnership with Princeton will be carried out by RCGI, professor Suani Coelho, from USP's Institute of Energy and Environment, who is dedicated to studying the role of biomass in the Brazilian energy matrix. On the Princeton side, the representative will be Professor Eric Larson, who coordinates the Rapid Switch project, which studies how to accelerate the energy transition in different parts of the world.

The second project, on the other hand, will be carried out with researchers from the Queensland College of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, whose representative is Professor Peta Ashworth.