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FAPESP Week highlights research in cooperation with France

Publicado em 19 novembro 2019

France is one of the main international partners in research projects supported by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), which has cooperation agreements with 15 French funding agencies, universities, research institutions and companies. More than 120 research projects have been approved under the auspices of these agreements.

To celebrate the partnership and stimulate new collaborations in the most diverse knowledge areas, FAPESP Week France will be held on November 21-27, 2019, in the cities of Lyon and Paris.

On November 21 and 22, the symposium will take place at the University of Lyon, with presentations of studies on “Machine Learning and Data Science”, “Photonics”, “Atmosphere and Health Issues”, “Particle Drifting and Propelling in Turbulent Flows”, “Philosophy”, “Urban Issues (Risks, Infrastructure and Social Movements) and “Project Microbehaviour: Insects, Control, Diseases, Environment and Economic Impact”.

On November 25-27, FAPESP Week France will take place at the University of Paris, covering such topics as “Amazon and Climate Research”, “Psychology and Psychoanalysis”, “Earth Studies”, “Migration, Urban Mobility and Urban Social Issues”, “Life Sciences” and “Nanomaterials and Bionanomaterials”.

The presentations will be made by scientists affiliated with the two French universities and with universities and research institutions in São Paulo State.

Round table sessions will also be held in Lyon and Paris to discuss research funding and international collaboration strategies.

FAPESP Week France is free of charge and open to everyone.