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Fapesp and Shell to finance new energy research center

Publicado em 09 janeiro 2018

FAPESP and Shell will finance a new energy research center in São Paulo. The partners, who have a cooperation agreement since 2013, have announced a call for proposals for the installation of the New Energy Research Center, focusing on the development of investigations in four divisions: High energy density conveyors, Advanced energy storage, Conversion of methane into products and Computational science of materials.

The call received twelve submissions, covering the four research topics listed therein. Each proposal received ad hoc advisory opinions and was reviewed by a panel of experts.

The resulting documentation was studied by the Call Management Committee, which, after preliminary discussion, sent the criticisms and requests for clarification found in the opinions for the proponents' manifestation.

Once the responses of the proposers have been examined, the Steering Committee has conducted the interviews foreseen in the call and now announces, as a final result, the approval of the following proposals:

Division: Energy Density carriers; Advanced Energy Storage; From Methane to Products; Computational Materials Science.

The call for proposals is published (in English) at

Font: T&B Petroleum/Fapesp Press Office