Science for Brazil (Reino Unido)

Drones on the Farm

Publicado em 03 setembro 2014

Drones for peace are taking off around the world – especially in Brazil, where they’re used by the owners of large farms to map, measure and monitor changes to crops.

Already, drones are being tested in patrols over citrus groves, sugar cane plantations and cotton plantations. Analysing the video images captured by drones, and using the outputs to make decisions, calls for effective software that can recognize and warn of key changes.

“Software image analysis can use such indicators as colour change to show which areas are susceptible to drought, where pests are destroying crops, where soil fertility is lower, and a host of other agricultural problems,” researcher Lúcio André de Jorge Castro told FAPESP magazine.

This researcher works for Embrapa Instrumentação, an offshoot of the state-run agricultural research institute based in São Carlos, in the farming belt of São Paulo state.

You can read a detailed article (in Portuguese) by clicking here.