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Discover a medication to treat serious heart conditions

Publicado em 17 março 2019

Discover a medication to treat serious heart conditions.

Brazilian and American doctors have invented a molecule called "SAMβA" that prevents the development of heart failure and improves its ability to pump blood.

According to MedicalXpress, the drug test in the treatment of laboratory mice within six weeks showed that not only stopped the progression of the disease, but also improved the condition of the body, as it strengthens the heart muscle.

The molecule "SAMβA" inhibits the interaction between "β2PKC" – protein kinase-C-beta-2 and metofozin 1 (Mfn1), the main component of mitochondria. "Β2PKC" inhibits the "Mfn1" component of energy production, which causes a damaged heart function.

The effect of "SAMβA" is selective, since it prevents mitochondrial dysfunction, but it is safe for other important processes. This molecule was tested by experiments in the combination of proteins, transplanted cells, animals and cardiac tissue extracted from patients. He also showed that he did not enter into undesirable interactions as he did with six other similar molecules.

SAMβA also appears to reduce the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in cells, the presence of which is associated with oxidative stress and damage to cellular components, such as proteins, DNA and fat. When tested in mice with myocardial infarction, the molecules inhibited the development of heart failure and helped improve health compared with the group of sick mice that received placebo.