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Dartmouth Professor Selected to Be Director of New Brazilian A2G Biofuel Laboratory

Publicado em 15 julho 2021

(AZO Cleantech) Lee Lynd, the Queneau Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth, will be the founding director of the new Advanced Second Generation (A2G) Biofuel Laboratory located at the University of Campinas (Unicamp) in Brazil. The lab’s mission is to develop and enable technology to sustainably produce bioethanol, an alternative to fossil fuel, from inedible agricultural products at a much lower cost than is currently possible.

Lynd, who has a long history of involvement with Brazil, will continue to lead the Lynd Lab at Dartmouth, which also aims to cost-effectively produce cellulosic biofuels for the benefit of people and the environment. The Dartmouth lab focuses on switchgrass and poplar feedstocks, while the A2G lab concentrates on sugar cane, which is a plentiful feedstock in Brazil but not in the US.

The A2G biofuels lab targets strategies for second-generation ethanol production that reduce the cost of production. Once optimized for ethanol, these strategies could also enable commercial production of other renewable fuels, including hydrocarbons.

A member of the Dartmouth faculty since 1987, Lynd is an expert on utilization of plant biomass for production of energy. Spanning science, technology, and policy domains, and including leading research on fundamental and biotechnological aspects of microbial cellulose utilization, his body of work includes more than 250 publications, more than 34,000 citations, and nine granted patents.

Financial support for the A2G biofuels lab comes from the Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) through its Sao Paulo Excellence Chair program, which enables distinguished international scholars to initiate research activities at academic institutions in the state of Sao Paulo. The lab will be co-hosted by theCentro de Biologia Molecular e Engenharia Genética (CBMEG), and Faculdade de Engenharia Quimica (FEQ) at Unicamp.

As international academic travel begins to resume, Lynd plans to spend two months at the A2G lab in the coming year, and a month each for the following four years of the grant period. In addition, two of the Dartmouth Lynd Lab’s group leaders–Dartmouth Engineering professor Daniel Olson and research scientist Evert Holwerda–will spend a month at the A2G lab per year.   READ MORE