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COVID-19 should be treated as a thrombotic disease, Brazilian pulmonologist argues

Publicado em 26 maio 2020

  • The hypothesis that blood clotting disorders may explain some of the worst symptoms of COVID-19, including respiratory failure and pulmonary fibrosis, was suggested in mid-April by researchers in Brazil affiliated with the University of São Paulo’s Medical School (FM-USP) via an article accepted for publication by the Journal of Thrombosis.
  • One of the first scientists to report the “thrombotic nature” of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was Elnara Negri, a researcher and pulmonologist at Hospital das Clínicas, the hospital complex run by FM-USP – the largest in Latin America – and Hospital Sírio-Libanês, a leading private hospital also in São Paulo City.
  • Using a minimally invasive technique developed during a project supported by FAPESP, the pathologists observed focal bleeding associated with mini-clots (microthrombi) in the small blood vessels of the lungs due to platelet clumping (more at: and