Covid-19: history of physical activity does not change prognosis of severe case

Publicado em 29 janeiro 2021

Research by the Medical School of the University of São Paulo (FM-USP) with 200 patients hospitalized with Covid-19 points out that the history of physical activity does not interfere with the prognosis of severe cases of the disease. The research results come after the publication of a study in which the 34.3% reduction in hospitalizations for severe cases by coronavirus patients who had a previous history of physical activity was verified.

The new research points out that the possibility of exercise practitioners to develop severe cases is less, but, after the disease worsens, the prognosis of recovery does not change. Protection loses effectiveness and does not decrease the average length of stay or the need for mechanical ventilation or intensive treatment.

Bruno Gualano, author of the research, says that the study serves as a yellow light for the population that exercises regularly and, therefore, believes to be fully protected. “We found no difference in prognosis and outcome of the disease between more or less active severely ill patients. This shows that the benefits of physical activity exist, but apparently they go only up to one point in the severity of the disease. ”

In other words, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and old age are aggravating factors that are much more determinant in the clinical prognosis of severe cases than the history of physical activity. The research was carried out at Hospital das Clínicas (HC) of FM-USP and at Hospital de Campanha in Ibirapuera. The history of physical exercise at work, in sports and at leisure for all participating patients was evaluated.

The patients evaluated in the study had difficulty breathing (more than 24 breaths per minute), oxygen saturation in the body less than 93%, advanced age, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, systemic arterial hypertension, neoplasms, immunosuppression, pulmonary tuberculosis and obesity.

Source: Agência Fapesp