Science for Brazil (Reino Unido)

“Country of Future” is Big Present for Researchers

Publicado em 21 dezembro 2012

“We’re inviting Spanish researchers to come to Brazil,” reads the headline in Materia, a leading science website published in Spain. The article suggests that the cynical old saying (attributed to France’s General de Gaulle) that ‘Brazil is the country of the future — and always will be,’ is now being consigned to history as Latin America’s largest nation makes a dash to becoming a technology-and-knowledge economy.

The article quotes the scientific director of a leading Brazilian research funding organisation with a US$550 million chequebook, as saying that his foundation wants to “triple the number of scientific researchers we fund, and for that reason we need scientists from other countries, including Spain.”

Academic institutions in Sao Paulo could, says the Brazilian scientist, be just the place for young Spanish researchers, now assailed by economic cuts, to develop their talents while waiting for better times back at home.

Materia is a leading web-based Spanish language resource for news about science, the environment, health and technology edited by Manuel Ansede.

Click in the link to read interview with Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz.