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Containers with silver nanoparticles could increase milk's shelf-life

Publicado em 06 agosto 2015

. Brazilian researchers have found a way to extend the shelf-life of milk to up to 15 days by embedding silver nanoparticles in plastic bottles. That is about double the typical seven-day shelf-life of grade A pasteurised fresh whole milk. No additives were mixed into the milk.

. Once testing concludes in Brazil, the company says it will introduce the product to America and Europe. The FDA has granted its approval for marketing the material to food packagers.

. "The technology, which was brought from blueprint to reality by partner firm Nanox, requires coating the silica ceramic particles with silver nanoparticles and thus, effecting a synergy by strengthening the antimicrobial properties," Packaging Business Review reported.

Dive Insight:

If milk is able to stay fresher longer thanks to silver nanoparticles, that could negatively impact the massive surplus dairy producers are already facing.

Milk innovations and technology seem to be more common. Last month, a 3-D-printed "smart cap" was introduced that can detect milk spoilage based on electrical characteristics from the milk, which change as the milk degrades.

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