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Calls for Natural Gas Research

Publicado em 11 dezembro 2013

UK based energy multinational BG Group and Brazilian funding partners have kicked off their plans to invest up to US$ 20 million in energy innovation and sustainability studies.

They are calling for proposals for develop anchor programmes for the planned Research Centre for Gas Innovation, to be based in São Paulo state. The CFP closes on March 10th 2014 and the winning bids will be announced 12th September 2014.

Brazil’s emerging status as an energy producer thanks to its offshore discoveries, plus increasing use of gas piped from Bolivia, have pushed clean energy use up the research agenda.

While BG Group will channel resources levied by the Brazilian government from its offshore operations, its counterparty, the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), will support the financing an operations of the Centre linked to one of the state’s universities.

Research proposals should cover the following fields:

- Clean energy research and mitigation of greenhouse gas effects.

- Development of natural gas as a fuel for maritime propulsion.

- Technical improvements of natural gas extraction

- Conversion of natural gas into feedstock (including hydrogen) for the chemical industry The original memorandum of understanding between BG Group and FAPESP was signed in London in September 2013, and on December 10th the two parties met in São Paulo to launch the CFP and set parameters of the creation of the Centre, which will be the first of its kind in a tropical region. The goal is for it to become a world leader in gas and energy system innovation.

You can read a news release about the cooperation agreement between FAPESP and BG Group by clicking here.

According to Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, FAPESP’s Scientific Director, the Centre will follow an established template. “FAPESP recently created a Centre for Engineering Research, and this defines the model for partnership between universities and a commercial company, in order to address new challenges through continuous interaction. At the core of these activities there will be internationally-recognised research, so we are looking forward to receiving high quality research proposals.”

BG Group also has high expectations, said John Costin, manager for technology projects within the company. “Because we are working jointly with FAPESP we hope to receive proposals of the high calibre, submitted by the best research teams in São Paulo.”

The academic institution chosen to host the Research Centre for Gas Innovation must be able to coordinate the local activities of researchers, with the international reach of BG Group’s wider research objectives and activities.

You can read more about the CFP by clicking here