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Brazil's second largest daily and university partner up to launch online library on corruption

Publicado em 12 novembro 2012

The Brazilian daily Estado de São Paulo and the University of São Paulo (USP) will launch in early November the "Corrupteca," a digital library of sorts that will aggregate news and academic articles on corruption, the newspaper informed.

In its first phase, the Corrupteca will offer almost 100,000 documents on corruption -- including scientific articles from 63 countries that belong to the Open Archives Initiative and stories published by the Estado de São Paulo since 1875 - reported Revista Fapesp. The database will be open to anyone with internet access.

José Álvaro Moisés, director of USP's Public Policy Research Center (Nupps), told Fapesp that the Corrupteca is "an analytical tool capable of providing students and researchers with empirical material on the subject."

According to USP's website, what's new about the Corrupteca is its usage of so-called "web semantics" (or web 3.0), which not only filters searches by using terms like "money laundering" or "slush fund," but also by taking context into consideration.