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Brazil’s “Boom Times” catch THE’s Eye

Publicado em 13 dezembro 2012

Respected education publication Times Higher Education released a detailed feature report December 13th, profiling key establishments of learning in São Paulo state, including  University of São Paulo and funding organisation São Paulo Research Institute (FAPESP)

Reporter Elizabeth Gibney cites  the country’s “generous funding and willingness to team up internationally in a bid to become a major player. All eyes — and an increasing number of international visitors, says the THE reporter — are increasingly turning to Brazil.

No wonder: Brazil’s new wealth and the willingness to spend it on learning,  comes at a time of  funding scarcity in the rest of the world. Cash-hungry vice chancellors from around the world  are beating a path to Brazil in search of new collaboration programs.

“With higher education budgets in Europe and the US being cut, it is perhaps not surprising that politicians and vice-chancellors across the world are interested in the Latin American giant and its growing spending power. According to one report, The State of Science 2011, produced by the Network of Ibero-American and Inter-American Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT), Brazil invested $24.9 billion (£15.6 billion) in research and development in 2010. Although cuts to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation budget last year may dent this figure slightly, it will still be from a base three times bigger than in 2002. Adjusting for the purchasing power of each currency, Brazil now spends more on R&D than Canada or Italy.”