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Brazilian scientists study a saline solution that could slow the effects of the coronavirus

Publicado em 10 setembro 2021

Brazilian researchers presented a study that could change the course of the fight against the pandemic, although they clarified that it does not represent a total protection, much less a cure for the disease.

What is it about? A simple and inexpensive Saline solutionAccording to a preliminary study carried out in Brazil and released this Thursday, it could stop the spread of Covid-19 in the infected person and reduce the risk of more severe inflammation.

Investigations explained that a 1.5% sodium chloride solution prevented replication of the coronavirus by 100% in kidney cells of a monkey.

But they also affirmed that the same product, with a concentration of 1.1%, inhibited the duplication of the virus by 88%, in tests carried out with infected human lung epithelial cells.

The pandemic had a strong impact on the Brazilian population (Photo: EFE)By: EFE Services
Ad caused surprise in the scientific world. If efficacy is demonstrated in clinical trials, this finding may contribute to the development of new prophylactic strategies or even treatments for the virus.

The study was published in the journal ACS Pharmacology & Translational Scienc and carried out by scientists from the prestigious University of Sao Paulo, with the support of the Foundation for Research Support in the State of Sao Paulo (Fapesp).

According to the researchers said, although the evidence suggests that the use of saline solution inhibits the replication of the virus, the finding does not represent a total protection against infection, much less a cure for the disease.

What the scientists say
Is about “a very simple and inexpensive measure, already used as a prophylaxis of other respiratory diseases and that could minimize the severity of Covid-19 by reducing the viral load, ”said Cristiane Guzzo, one of the researchers, quoted in a statement.

The “hypertonic sodium chloride” solution has been used as an additional preventative measure for flu, bronchiolitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, and a variety of respiratory problems.

They report a study from the University of São Paulo
According to the expert, this saline solution could be incorporated into current security protocols against covid-19, without replacing the use of masks, social distancing or the need for vaccination.

Two types of solutions
The researchers sThey suggested trying two types of use of saline solution in clinical tests, depending on the need.

The first is to use it in the form of nasal spray for prevention in the respiratory tract, which are the gateway to covid-19. This product could be used by people who are more likely to be infected with the virus.

While, nebulizations are the second method recommended by Brazilian experts. As they said, in this way the serum will be administered directly to the lung.

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