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Brazilian Science in California

Publicado em 10 novembro 2014

Brazilian scientists and their US counterparts are presenting new research on themes ranging through Society, New Materials Health, Energy and Climate Change, at the University of California’s Berkeley and Davis centers during a weeklong symposium 17th-21st November.

The California event follows a similar meeting held  during October in Washington, also sponsored by the São Paulo Research Foundation. These events bring together top-level scientists from both countries and highlight the opportunities for  visiting professorships and other forms of knowledge sharing  and career enhancement in Brazil.

During the first module in Berkeley, the Energy section will focus on biofuels and new initiatives in sugar cane research. In the social science field of State-Society relations, experts will present findings on urban violence, human rights and the “smart city.”

The section on Materials and engineering will focus on smart industries, light materials for advanced industries, and sustainability in manufacturing. Infrastructure and Energy will focus on methods and materials.

At Davis, the topics will be Sustainable Energy Research, Environmental and Marine Sciences, and Medical topics. These include biomedical studies into cancer and other inflammations. The Davis event also includes a social sciences and humanities module.

You can review a complete program of presentations by clicking here.

The FAPESP Week events highlight the internationalisation of Brazilian science. Since 2011 eight such events have been held in seven countries, including Washington DC, Morgantown, Cambridge, Charlotte, Raleigh, Chapel Hill (EUA), Toronto, Salamanca (Spain), Madrid, Tokyo, London, Beijing and Munich.

You can read an article about FAPESP Week Washington by clicking here.