Brazilian astrophysicists make image but not necessary in this game

Publicado em 05 agosto 2021

A team of four astrophysicists from Grupo de Buracos Negros da Universidade de São Paulo (USP) are constructing us on a map to do this. Eles afirmam ser o mais nítido que já foi producido.

Gamma radiation or gamma ray is a type of electromagnetic radiation of high frequency produced generally by radioactive elements, subatomic processes such as the equilibration of a pair of positrons and electrons. This type of radiation is very energetic and is also produced by astrophysical phenomena of great importance.

“The gamma rays are the type of light with the major energies that we can find in the universe”

;, explains Raniere Menezes, one of the scientists involved in the construction of these images, interviewed by the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Science Assessment) fra USP.

The work was led by Professor Rodrigo Nemmen, of the IAG-USP, and the Fapesp Finance Committee, the Superior Level Appearance Coordination (Capes) and a Productivity Bulletin of the National Council of Development.

For the construction of the map, another scientist of the group, Lucas Siconato, told the IAG-USP Pressure Assessment that for light energy range. For comparison effect, radiation that appears this image can have energy between 100 million and 1 trillion of water that is visible, and is invisible to human beings ”.

“It allows an image to actually function as a map of the most energetic sources there and we have information about the type of emissions we have in each of the cores that we need to differ”, said Douglas Carlos, team member and bolsista of Fapesp.

It has two important structures on the map: the first of these is the plan of our own galaxy, which appears in the central region of the image as a horizontal and large beam. The second is Fermi’s, which are also located in the central region of the image, which is projected at the bottom of the Via Láctea. They are visually characterized by a corollary and are associated with some recent activity of Sagittarius A *, the supermassive black office located in the center of our galaxy.

For the construction of this map, the astrophysicists will use the observations Telescopic Espermial Fermi, da Nasa. The telescope initiated its operations on June 11, 2008 and continues to operate, monitoring the high energy levels.

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