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Brazil Hosts Global Food Security Talks

Publicado em 13 dezembro 2012

The Belmont Forum – an international group of funding agencies for global change research – is holding its international scoping workshop on food security and land use change, which will take place in Brazil.

The workshop is hosted by São Paulo Research Institute (one of the 19 organisations that are members) and will take place 17-19 December in Brazil’s largest city.

FAPESP is leading the preparations for actions to be presented at the next formal meeting of the Forum in Delhi, India in February 2013. This includes an international call for proposals from the scientific community.

The São Paulo seminar will discuss the social, economic and environmental implications of food security and changing land use. The outcome will contribute to the drafting of a CRA (Collaborative Research Agreement).

“Sustainable development is a challenge for the entire world and the topic presents many opportunities for Brazil,” said Carlos Henrique Brito Cruz, the scientific director of FAPESP and a vice president of the Belmont Forum.

“With our existing programs in the fields of biodoversity, biofuels and global climate change, FAPESP is well positioned to play an active role, and this will create opportunities for researchers based in our state,” he said.