Biofuels Digest (EUA)

Boeing, Embraer hook up for aviation biofuels R&D

Publicado em 28 outubro 2011

In Brazil, Boeing, Embraer and the Sao Paulo State Research Foundation announced plans to collaborate on long-term aviation biofuels-related research and development.   Azul, GOL, TAM and Trip airlines will be strategic advisors in the program.

This collaboration is leading the development of a detailed report outlining the opportunities and challenges of creating a cost-effective, bio-derived, and sustainable jet-fuel production and distribution industry in Brazil. When completed in late 2012, the report, which will include a technology and sustainability roadmap, will be made public.  The study will frame the creation of a sustainable aviation biofuels research center in Brazil.

This center will be jointly funded by FAPESP and industry in order to drive a long-term research agenda for the development of aviation biofuels technology in Brazil. A special call for proposals by FAPESP to establish this center is expected to follow the initial study phase.