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Boeing, Embraer and Sao Paulo State Research Foundation in Partnership for Biofuels-Related Research

Publicado em 26 outubro 2011

Boeing, Embraer and the Sao Paulo State Research Foundation (FAPESP) Wednesday announced plans to collaborate on long-term aviation biofuels-related research and development.

The undertaking marks another major step toward the creation of a sustainable aviation biofuels industry in Brazil. Azul, GOL, TAM and Trip airlines will be strategic advisors in the program.

Under the partnership, Boeing, Embraer and FAPESP will lead the development of a detailed report outlining the unique opportunities and challenges of creating a cost-effective, bio-derived, and sustainable jet-fuel production and distribution industry in Brazil. When completed in late 2012, the report, which will include a technology and sustainability roadmap, will be made public.

The study will be guided by a series of public workshops during 2012 with input from a wide range of stakeholders, as well as a strategic advisory board, which will give the project wide-ranging guidance and institutional support. Members will include airlines, fuel producers and suppliers, environmental experts, community groups, and government agencies.

The study will frame the creation of a sustainable aviation biofuels research center in Brazil. This center will be jointly funded by FAPESP and industry in order to drive a long-term research agenda for the development of aviation biofuels technology in Brazil.

A special call for proposals by FAPESP to establish this center is expected to follow the initial study phase. The mission of the center will be to close the technical, commercial, and sustainability gaps needed to enable the creation of this new aviation fuel supply chain in Brazil.

Suely Vilela, member of FAPESP's board of directors noted; “The partnership with Boeing and Embraer brings a new level of FAPESP efforts to foster research partnerships between universities and companies in Sao Paulo.”

Vilela further indicated that the research center will be created through public selection, according to FAPESP's Research, Innovation and Diffusion Centers, which aim to establish long-term advanced core research that results in innovation.

Donna Hrinak, president of Boeing Brazil said; "Brazil already has shown global leadership in developing biofuels for ground transportation. Bringing together people from throughout Brazil who possess the leadership and expertise to create new, low-carbon energy sources for aviation is the right thing to do for the industry, for customers, for Brazil, and for future generations."

Boeing and Embraer are focused on creating sustainable aviation biofuels produced from renewable resources that do not drive food competition in vulnerable regions by competing with land and water resources.