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Boeing and Embraer invest in Brazilian biofuels research

Publicado em 27 outubro 2011

Plane maker Boeing and commercial jet manufacturer Embraer have formed a collaboration with Sao Paulo State Research Foundation (FAPESP) for research to be conducted into aviation biofuels.

The companies plan to work together to research and write a report, due to be published at the end of next year, which will include information on a new technology and sustainability roadmap.

The report will outline the challenges of producing jet fuels in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, producing bio-derived fuels.

Workshops open to the public will be held throughout 2012, allowing for shareholders to have an input and for the companies to monitor support for the plans created because of the research.

The study will look at building an aviation biofuels research centre in Brazil which will link all the sustainable, commercial and technical gaps within the development.

Boeing and Embraer are set on developing biofuels that are not derived from food or come from areas where land and water are scarce. The companies will work with agriculture, academic, environmental, refinery and aerospace groups to define the best ways to launch the development.

This is not the first time FAPESP has been involved in development such as this. Three years ago the foundation invested in a research programme for bioenergy and it also supports 300 biomass and biofuels scientists, as well as other researchers.