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Biorigin and partners develop aquaculture project

Publicado em 18 março 2015

Aiming at obtaining further knowledge on the mode of action of its aquaculture products, Biorigin established a partnership for the Project Nowaste in 2014, with the participation of UNESP (State University of São Paulo), Brazil, and Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

The project is funded by the research aid agency of the state of São Paulo (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, FAPESP), and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NOW), and aims at identifying the receptors responsible for recognising beta-glucans in carp and pacu macrophages.

It is estimated that the aquaculture industry will grow 25% in the next few years, and Biorigin has placed 60% of its investments in research on animal nutrition, establishing partnerships with universities and research institutes of several countries.

Prof Dr Fabiana Pilarski, from UNESP says, "The seven year partnership with Biorigin  has been very fruitful, with the development of four research projects to date."

Source: Biorigin