Cambridge Scholars Publishing (Reino Unido)

An Interview with Francisco de Assis Costa

Publicado em 24 abril 2019

Pesquisa FAPESP – arguably the most important magazine for scientific dissemination in Brazil – has recently published a wonderfully in-depth interview with one of Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s authors, Professor Francisco de Assis Costa. Francisco’s writings cover a whole range of areas including history, economics, anthropology and more, but in his most recent writing with us – A Brief Economic History of the Amazon (1720-1970) – he has focused on economics, and more specifically agricultural production and the peasantry.

The interview itself provides a fascinating in depth look into Francisco’s life, education and professional career, as well as some of the key theories and observations found in A Brief Economic History.

To find out more about Francisco please read the interview here.

To read more about A Brief Economic History of the Amazon (1720-1970), and how to buy it, please click here.