A new marmoset species found in the Brazilian Amazon

Publicado em 12 agosto 2021

A team of scientists have discovered a new marmoset species in the Brazilian Amazon. Schneider’s Marmoset in the latest issue of the journal (Mico schneideri) Science report Named after Professor Oracio Schneider, a pioneer and major contributor to the study of monkey diversity and evolution.

This discovery was made by a team of researchers currently led by Rodrigo Costa Araújo, a deputy researcher at Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Araújo was partially funded by the Conservation Leadership Program (CLP), a capacity building partnership between WCS, BirdLife International and Fauna & Flora International (FFI).

The Miko Amazon Marmoset is one of the more diverse groups of monkeys in the endangered forest of the “Deforestation Arc,” which has accounted for half of the world’s land-use changes over the last three decades. Can only be seen.There is not now Maintenance Responses to combat habitat loss and population decline are exposed to such marmosets, primarily because they have not been well studied.

The total number of Amazon marmoset species remains unknown. In 2019 Araújo and his team discovered Munduruku Marmoset (Mico munduruku) From another area in the deforestation arc. M. schneideri was described by a marmoset known to researchers since 1995, but M. schneideri. Misidentified as emiliae.

The study shows that there are 16 species of Miko in the “deforestation arc”, a vast area of ??the southern Amazon, with the highest rates of land reclamation and fires. Further research is needed to assess the conservation status of M. schneideri and explore the southern part of its geographical distribution. In addition, continuing to reveal the exact number of Amazon marmosets that occupy these forests supports the first step in protecting groups of monkeys under this threat.

This research was made possible by scholarships provided by CNPq and funding provided by CAPES, FAPESP, FAPEMAT, Conservation Leadership Program, Prime Action Fund Re: Wild, National Science Foundation, NERC, and Idea Wild.

New monkey species found in the Amazon “Deforestation Arc”

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RodrigoCosta-Araújoetal, an integrated analysis, reveals a new pseudo-mysterious species of Amazon marmosets (Primates: Callitrichidae: Miko) from deforestation arcs. Science report (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-021-93943-w

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